Lulu’s Life Tips: Keeping House

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! This week’s life tip is maybe a little late, but it’s about spring cleaning. You know, when you kind of let the housework go over the winter because it’s winter and it’s dark and gloomy and nobody is coming over anyway so why bother, am I right?

Chaplin: “‘Dark and gloomy’? We live in Southern California. It’s sunny all the time. Including in winter.”
Lulu: “Shhhh.”

But once the winter doldrums are over and spring arrives, and you can open the windows, and that breeze starts flowing through your house, then all that sun and fresh air just makes you want to start tidying everything, am I right? And what’s the obvious place to start spring cleaning at your pad? With the floors, of course!

Of course, once people see you have started cleaning up, they might feel the need to come over and check out your handiwork. They might even put on a white glove and run it along the floor and furniture to see if it picks up dust or cobwebs or whatnot.

Charlee: “The only one around here who wears a white glove is you, Lulu.”
Lulu: “Maybe, but I’m not going around checking for dust or cobwebs.”
Chaplin: “Hey! Leave the cobwebs out of this! The cobwebs are mine, all mine!”

It’s best to just ignore those who feel the need to inspect and pass judgment on your housekeeping. Once your work is finished, I suggest going to have a lie-down in the sun.

After all, before you know it, the gloom of winter will once again descend.

Chaplin: “Look, you have to stop babbling about the weather here, or something unpleasant is going to happen.”
Lulu: “What, do you think Mother Nature is going to shoot lightning at me?”

Mouse: “I couldn’t help but overhear all this talk about ‘the gloom of winter’, and as you can see, the Oceanside area has a comfort index of 9.1, with average temperatures of …”
Chaplin: “Worse. The mouse is going to show up with statistics.”
Lulu: “My bad.”

I hope all my friendlies have found this life tip helpful. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

9 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: Keeping House

  1. We think the pandemic has had more of an impact on house cleaning around here. Since nobody comes to visit then why bother cleaning? It’s not really that bad here but it could be. BOL!


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