Unsolved Fishteries

Ron Burgundy: “So you’re the one who’s been cooking fish in the microwave!”
Charlee: “Well technically I’m just heating it up. It was cooked when we got it.”
Ron Burgundy: “Don’t try those Fox Mulder semantic games with me! Next you’ll be claiming it was aliens in UFOs!”

Ron Burgundy: “Don’t you know it’s Bring Your Child To Work Day? What kind of example are you setting, nuking fish when there are children around?”
Blue: “It’s Bring Your Child To Work Day? Hmm …”
Charlee: “Blue, we’ve discussed this, remember?”

Ron Burgundy: “Who are you? Do you even work here?”
Charlee: “Pfft, of course not. I’m a cat. I don’t work anywhere.”
Ron Burgundy: “Then why do you keep coming here and stinking up the break room by cook … heating up fish?”
Charlee: “If I het up fish at home, Chaplin will try to steal it. But this is the first time I’ve ever been here. I got the idea from your news broadcast.”
Ron Burgundy: “Well if you don’t work here, you certainly can’t cook fish here. I’m getting security.”

Charlee: “That guy sure is crabby. I guess we should take the fish tacos and go.”
Blue: “Okay. Maybe I’ll just take a walk through the office and grab a snack for the trip home.”
Charlee: “No eating people, Blue!”

Shortly thereafter …

Ron Burgundy: “I’m telling you, it was a talking cat and some kind of weird giant feathered lizard! They were eating fish tacos!”
Security Guard: “Sure they were, Mr. Burgundy. Sure they were.”

Later …

Ron Burgundy: “NOW who’s cooking fish?!”

12 thoughts on “Unsolved Fishteries

  1. BOL!!! Ma is nauseous just thinkin’ abouts fishie tacos!!! 🤢 I on the other paw, would LOOOOOVES some!!!! I’ll be right overs! Any chance that grey dude will share???
    Ruby ♥


  2. See what happens when you publicize a good thing, Mr. Burgundy? Everyone across the universe will be coming there to heat up their fish tacos! Sure wish we had some… XOX Xena and Lucy


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