Under The Bridge Downtown

Charlee: “You’re not seriously going to go talk to that troll, are you?”
Lulu: “Sure, why wouldn’t I?”
Charlee: “Well for one thing its arms are like ten feet long and they end in giant hands with great big claws.”
Chaplin: “Pfft. Going around with its claws out all the time? Can’t even retract them? What an amateur?”
Lulu: “Ooh, yeah, you’re right. I bet it gives excellent belly rubs.”
Spicoli: “There’s got to be some kind of happy medium between Dennis-style scaredy-catness and whackadoo bravado …”
Troll: “I would like to purchase your green bin.”

Lulu: “Great! So the bin is full of fresh grass that our harvested just the other day with—”
Troll: “I don’t want the contents. I just want the bin. I already have a buyer lined up.”
Chaplin: “A buyer?”

Troll: “Yes, I specialize in flipping properties, and it’s a hot market right now.”
Charlee: “It’s a hot market for green waste bins?”
Troll: “Green waste bins, recycling bins, even those old-school metal trash cans. So what do you want for that one? Name your price.”
Spicoli: “Dude, think carefully before you answer that question—”
Lulu: “I’d like a belly rub!”

Lulu: “My kitty friends would probably like belly rubs too.”
Troll: “You drive a hard bargain.”
Charlee: “That’s a hard pass from us, thanks.”

A few minutes later …

Spicoli: “Dude. Come on. You’re never going to get rich quick asking for payment in belly rubs.”
Lulu: “At least we’re not the ones who have to try to unload an empty green waste container.”
Troll: “As you can see, it includes all the latest amenities. But you’d better act fast, I already have five offers on it.”
Oscar the Grouch: “Fine, I’ll take it.”

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