CSI: Up In A Tree

Mouse: “What are you two doing up here?”
Lulu: “Well, since birds live in trees, Horatio thought we should climb a few to see if we could find anything to explain where the feathers came from.”
Horatio Caine: “Yes, and look what we’ve discovered: A mouse rigging up some kind of Star Wars style hunter-killer droid! I think we’ve found our perpetrator for sure this time. The droid probably zapped the bird with its blasters.”

Mouse: “This is an outdoor wi-fi range extender.”
Horation Caine: “A likely story! Who are you extending wi-fi to? Squirrels?”
Mouse: “Hey, if the squirrels can pay my IT consulting fee, I’ll take care of their networking needs. It’s called ‘capitalism’.”
Lulu: “I don’t think the bird got blasted. The feathers didn’t smell burned or anything.”

Horatio Caine: “You know, you might have said the feathers weren’t burned before we climbed all the way up this tree.”
Lulu: “Well I didn’t know we were climbing up here to look for something armed with blasters, did I?”
Producer Smurf: “You know, some smurfs smurf that wi-fi is designed to smurf a smurf’s smurf. How do we smurf you’re not smurfing that kind of smurf?”

Producer Smurf: “AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!”

Producer Smurf: “I thought you smurfed that was a wi-fi range extender!”
Mouse: “I never said it was ONLY a wi-fi range extender.”
Squirrel: “Hey, IT mouse, our Internet just went down again.”
Horatio Caine: “What was that? Did you hear a zap? I thought I heard a zap.”
Lulu: “It’s probably the base testing weapons again. Come on, we can hide in the bathroom until they’re finished.”

4 thoughts on “CSI: Up In A Tree

  1. Producer Smurf is smurfin silly!! How do youss’ put up with him? Mee wiid have put THE Bitey-bite on him a long time ago!!!
    Now to figure out where thsoe fevvurrss came from……
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita (LadyMew)


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