CSI: The Bubble Bath

Producer Smurf: “I fail to smurf how smurfing a long bubble bath is going to smurf any mysteries or, more importantly, smurf me any material I can smurf for my smurfumentary and my smurfcast.”
Lulu: “It’s a temporary safety measure. We can’t investigate during an artillery bombardment from the base.”
Horatio Caine: “Yeah, what the dog said. Also, you might consider taking a bath in the sink. You seem to be smoldering a little.”

Producer Smurf: “I can’t smurf a bath in the sink! That would smurf smurfing my camera behind, and my camera smurfs too much smurfy footage on it for me to smurf it where any smurf could smurf it!”
Horation Caine: “Fine, whatever. Just me that long-handled wooden back-scrubbing brush.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Hello, friend Lulu. Are you hiding from loud noises again?”
Lulu: “Yes, there was an unidentified sound, so it seemed like the safest thing to do was retreat for a while.”
Mr. Nibbles: “I see. How’s the investigation going, otherwise?”
Lulu: “Well, so far the smurf’s so-called detective has wrongfully accused Spicoli and the mouse, so, not great. He’ll probably wrongfully accuse you in a minute.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Have you really been accusing our friends of blowing up a bird without any evidence? Shame on you.”
Horatio Caine: “There was evidence. There was plenty of evidence. It just wasn’t true. Now, against you, there’s no evidence. Is that because you didn’t do it, or because you’re a master criminal?”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s because I didn’t do it.”
Horatio Caine: “That’s just what a master criminal would say. You know what a master criminal wouldn’t do, though? A master criminal wouldn’t help me out by using this wooden handled brush to scrub my back.”

Mr. Nibbles: “I’m just doing this because I’m compulsively helpful, not to prove I’m not some sort of master criminal.”
Horatio Crane: “More circles, less side to side.”
Producer Smurf: “I’m going to have to burn every bit of this footage.”
Lulu: “Well, be careful you don’t catch yourself on fire again.”

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