Overheard Around the House

Lulu: “Say, Mouse, what can you tell us about the Mole Men?”
Mouse: “What makes you think I would know anything about Mole Men?”
Lulu: “Well, you’re both rodents, and you both live underground. So we thought you might have inside information.”

Mouse: “I see. Well, first, moles aren’t rodents. Second, when do you ever see me underground? Third, why don’t you tell me all about coyotes first? After all, you’re both canids and you both live above ground.”
Lulu: “Coyotes?! Where?!”

Lulu: (barking loudly in the back yard)
Charlee: “I could have told you that was going to happen.”
Chaplin: “So does this mean you don’t know anything about the Mole Men?”
Mouse: “Why are you all suddenly so fixated on Mole Men?”
Chaplin: “Lulu found evidence that they had some kind of a dig or something out at the harbor.”
Mouse: “What kind of evidence?”
Chaplin: “A hole in the blacktop in one of the parking lots.”

Mouse: “A hole in the blacktop doesn’t mean Mole Men. Mole Men don’t even exist. It’s probably just the humans fixing their shoddy construction. They haven’t been good at paving things since the Romans.”
Chaplin: “Pffft. What have the Romans ever done for us?
Charlee: “Hey, why did Lulu stop barking?”

Just then …

Mole Man: “Hey, some dog just fell down my Mole Man Mine Shaft.”
Chaplin: “Mole Men don’t exist, huh?”
Mouse: “I don’t know what that guy is, but he’s not a Mole Man.”

9 thoughts on “Overheard Around the House

  1. Yikes, I hope they can get Lulu back out of there fast!
    I’ll be back to find out after our a panel discussion on Bobcats by our cats from the city, Franklin and The Kittens.


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