Mine All Mine

Mouse: “Lulu! Are you all right down there?”
Lulu: “I’m fine! Just sniffing around!”
Chaplin: “What’s the big idea leaving open mine shafts lying around our yard?”
Mole Man: “It wasn’t an open mine shaft. It was a mine shaft that came within an inch or two of the surface.”

Mouse: “Is there a lot of stuff to sniff at the bottom of a mine?”
Lulu: “There’s a lot of stuff to sniff everywhere!”
Charlee: “You know, Lulu spends a lot of time digging holes back here. Is that because of your mining activity?”
Mole Man: “No no, she’s not after me, she’s after my arch-nemeses, the Gopher Guys. Don’t tell, but I’m actually claim-jumping them.”

Chaplin: “What are you and these, uh, Gopher Guys after when you do all this mining in our backyard?”
Mouse: “The Gopher Guys? Really?”
Lulu: “Did someone say gophers?!”
Mole Man: “Shhh! Not so loud! They’ll hear you! The Gopher Guys have excellent hearing!”

But It Was Too Late …

Gopher Guy: “Claim-jumping agin, eh, Mole Man?”
Lulu: “Why do I suddenly smell coconut-banana sunscreen?”
Mouse: “Oh come on!”

10 thoughts on “Mine All Mine

  1. Some of our holes have moles, some have gophers, and some have groundhogs…but the best ones have rabbits! Oh and snakes!! We love to try and snag those whips!

    Its like a minefield around here, and of course we make craters to fall in like a trap…we got a vole/mole the other day…


    1. Charlee: “Our Dada says he had originally planned to have the Gopher Guy be involved in some kind of incident involving a teleportation device, a cruise ship, and a gopher, but it ended up going a different way.”
      Chaplin: “Yeah, a ‘straight down the mine shaft’ kind of way!”

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