The Hole World

Mole Man: “Those tunnels were abandoned. I just moved in and expanded them a little.”
Gopher Guy: “They were not! I had just temporarily suspended operation due to excessive digging interference from above.”
Lulu: “What’s going on up there? Who are you talking to?”
Charlee: “A Mole Man and a Gopher Guy. But we’re not really talking to them, they’re sort of arguing amongst themselves.”
Mouse: “I still say there’s no such thing as Mole Men and Gopher Guys.”
Chaplin: “That’s a pretty bold position to take considering they’re standing right there.”

Other Voice From Hole: “Is somebody going to get us out of here or what?”
Mouse: “Don’t worry, Lulu, we … Wait, who’s that? Who’s ‘us’?”
Lulu: “Oh that’s Timmy.”
Chaplin: “Who’s Timmy?”
Lulu: “Just some kid. He was already down here when I fell in. He seemed pretty disappointed when I told him my name wasn’t Lassie.”
Mole Man: “You’ve got to expect digging interference when you’re mining in a yard with a dog.”
Gopher Guy: “Oh, sure, the dog was trying to get into my tunnels, but she wasn’t the real problem.”
Mole Man: “If it wasn’t the dog, then who was … Oh, no, you can’t possibly mean …”

Just then …

Badger Boy: “Yo yo yo, who’s digging in our yard, bro?”
Gopher Guy: “Yeah, it was the Badger Boyz.”
Timmy: “Now who’s that? Is that Lassie?”
Lulu: “Listen, kid, I told you, the only dog around here is me. And occasionally Penny.”
Mouse: “This sort of thing would never happen if Trixie were here.”

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