A Very Minor 49er

Mouse: “Listen, you randos can’t just show up and start digging big holes in the yard.”
Lulu: “Yeah, that’s my job!”
Charlee: “What are you all even mining for, anyway?”
Timmy: “I hear a helicopter! I bet it’s Lassie!”

Mole Man: “I just started mining because the Gopher Guys were doing it.”
Gopher Guy: “I was digging because I thought the Badger Boyz had found something.”
Badger Boy: “We just saw that somebody was strip-mining the yard and we wanted in on it, yo yo yo!”
Mouse: “So basically none of you knows what you’re looking for.”
Lulu: “What?! Who’s been strip mining in the yard?”
Charlee: “I’m pretty sure that was you, Lulu.”
Timmy: “Lassie! I’m down here in the mine!”
Chaplin: “Do you expect this ‘Lassie’ to show up dangling from a helicopter and pull you out of that hole like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible?”

Timmy: “TIMMY!!!”

Lassie: “What have I told you about playing near wells, Timmy?”
Timmy: “That wasn’t a well, it was a mine.”
Lassie: “Oh. Okay, never mind, then.”
Chaplin: “Well I guess I hit the nail on the head with that one.”
Mouse: “Sorry, where were we again?”
Charlee: “Did that helicopter just make off with Lulu … ?”

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