No MSHA Compliance

Mouse: “Look, we’re going to need you to fill in this mine shaft and all related tunnels.”
Gopher Guy: “But the mine is full of valuable stuff!”
Mouse: “What valuable stuff? You all just finished saying you have no idea what’s down there!”
Badger Boy: “Yo yo yo, it’s a mine! By definition mines have stuff in them! And also by definition, what’s mine is not yours, yo.”
Mouse: “Okay, none of what you just said makes any sense.”
Charlee: “Did you see where the helicopter went?”
Chaplin: “It looked like it was heading for the airport.”

Mouse: “The point is, this is our yard. You don’t get to mine in our yard.”
Mole Man: “Why not?”
Mouse: “Because it’s not safe! Look how sloppy you are! No warnings about the mine, no railings, no lighting …”
Gopher Guy: “We’re underground creatures. We don’t need any of that stuff.”
Badger Boy: “Yeah, just watch us! We’re going to go down there right now and make the mine even bigger.”
Mouse: “Ugh, fine, but don’t blame me when you all get eaten by a grue because it’s pitch black.”
Charlee: “Why would Lulu take a helicopter to the airport?”
Chaplin: “Maybe she’s planning to try skydiving.”

Chaplin: “Where did all those weirdos go?”
Mouse: “They all trooped down into the mine together to demonstrate their disdain for safety regulations or something. Did you see where the helicopter took Lulu?”

Grue: “Lulu is down here. We’re having a dinner party. Come join us. *BURP*”
Mouse: “Yeah, sure she is.”
Charlee: “What is that thing?”
Mouse: “It’s just a grue. You can ignore it.”
Chaplin: “Come on, let’s get to the airport before Lulu goes skydiving without us.”

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