Observed Around the Airport

Mouse: “Well, there’s the helicopter, but where’s Lulu?”
Chaplin: “I bet we’re too late and she already went skydiving without us.”

Mouse: “I label it extremely unlikely that Lulu went skydiving.”
Charlee: “Yeah, Chaplin, just because you’re a big thrill seeker doesn’t mean Lulu is.”
Chaplin: “Really, Charlee? I thought your motto was ‘Highest Cat Wins’.”
Charlee: “‘Highest Cat Wins’ mean having the highest perch, not going up in an airplane and then jumping out of it.”

Just then …

Lulu: “Hi, guys! What are you doing here?”
Mouse: “Looking for you. Where were you?”
Lulu: “Oh I was just in Lassie’s office filling out paperwork. Something about reimbursement for the helicopter rescue.”
Charlee: “See, Chaplin? I told you Lulu wasn’t skydiving.”
Lulu: “Why are you talking to Chaplin when Chaplin’s not here?”
Charlee: “What? He was right there a minute ago.”

Shortly thereafter …

Chaplin: “WHEEEEE!!!!!”

Mouse: “How did you get into the sky with a parachute without going up in a plane?”
Chaplin: “Well you can do that sort of thing when you’re a cat, you know.”
Lulu: “Wow, did you see how high Chaplin was just now?”
Charlee: “Shut up.”

8 thoughts on “Observed Around the Airport

  1. Ummmm Chaplin…I’d be careful around Charlee for awhile, girls(especially girl kitties) do NOT like being one upped by their brothers…just sayin’
    Arty…who may or may not know this from experience


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