Mealtime Hacks

Mr. Nibbles: “Charlee, the purpose of that feeder is so Chaplin can eat small meals throughout the day. If it opened for you, you would eat all the food at once and there would be none for Chaplin.”
Charlee: “See, Mouse? Mr. Nibbles gets it. I’m not sure why you don’t. You’re supposed to be the smart one.”
Mouse: “Oh, I get it. I’m just not going to hack the feeder for you so that you can steal all of Chaplin’s food.”

Charlee: “I don’t want to steal all of Chaplin’s food. I just want the feeder to open for me so I can eat what’s in it.”
Mouse: “That’s the same thing as stealing all of Chaplin’s food!”
Charlee: “Look, are we going to argue about semantics, or are you going to help a cat out?”

Mouse: “Sorry, Charlee, you’ll have to find yourself a less ethical hacker to work on this project for you.”
Charlee: “Ugh, fine. Can you give me any recommendations? Maybe put me in touch with that Neo guy?”
Mouse: “No. Now if you’ll excuse us, Mr. Nibbles and I have to go nibble on some wooden blocks for a while.”

Charlee: “Well, that was unproductive.”

But then …

Mysterious Character Who’s Wearing An ‘Anonymous’ Hoodie And Therefore Must Be A Hacker: “I hear you’re looking for a hacker.”
Charlee: “Do I smell fish?”

14 thoughts on “Mealtime Hacks

  1. A can of TUNAS was opened here on Monday and introduced to some ears of pastas – and peas and kharrots and mushrooms and CHEESE oh my!

    NAK wonders if KHAT would have been a good addition to the mix!



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