Charlee: “Who are you, exactly? And how did you know I was looking for a hacker? Did the mouse call you?”
Swordfish: “You can call me ‘Swordfish‘. And no, the mouse didn’t call me. I have my own ways of getting information, on account of I’m a top-notch hacker.”

Charlee: “You don’t look like a swordfish. You haven’t got the nose for it.”
Swordfish: “It’s just a codename. All the top-notch hackers have codenames. Unless you think ‘Neo’ and ‘Trinity’ and ‘The Mouse’ are real names?”
Charlee: “Well, I … Wait, what? Are you saying the mouse has a real name? And you know what it is?”
Swordfish: “Ooh, nice try, but I’m immune to social engineering, on account of I’m a top-notch hacker.”
Charlee: “Yes, you keep mentioning that …”

Swordfish: “Yep, I sure do, so it must be true! Now what is it that you need the services of a top-notch hacker for, anyway?”
Charlee: “I want somebody to reprogram this automatic feeder so that it will open for my microchip.”

Swordfish: “Ooh, a hardware hacking challenge. What a strange device! Look at the mysterious curves and exotic materials! And you say it reads a microchip that’s implanted in your body? Where did it come from? Is it some kind of repurposed alien technology?”
Charlee: “Um, as far as I know, it came in a Chewy box.”
Swordfish: “How do you know the box was chewy? Did you eat it? You shouldn’t have done that. It could have given us some clue to the device’s origin.”

Charlee: “What kind of hacker did you say you were, again?”
Swordfish: “The top-notch kind!”

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