The Hacker’s Toolkit

Charlee: “So, listen, this has been a scintillating discussion, but when are you going to start with the hacking?”
Swordfish: “Right now! Let me just get out my hardware hacking tool kit and I’ll this opening for you in no time.”

Swordfish: “I just need to rewire the fuzzilon unit and bypass the reframulators and then your chip should work fine.”
Charlee: “Are you making up words?”
Swordfish: “Of course not. It’s highly technical jargon. I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with the terminology.”

Swordfish: “Ooh, wow, they have the fuzzilon unit and the reframulator hard-wired into the gated community. Tricky!”
Charlee: “Why does your hardware hacking kit look like a tackle box? And are those cans of tuna fish?”
Swordfish: “I can see where a non-techie like yourself might mistake them for fishing gear, but these are top-notch hacking tools. And as for the cans, those are some of my relatives.”

Charlee: “Isn’t it a little weird to be carting around your canned relatives in a tackle box?”
Swordfish: “It’s not a tackle box, it’s a hardware hacking kit.”
Chaplin: “Did someone say ‘tuna’?”

9 thoughts on “The Hacker’s Toolkit

  1. Cannibal swordfish. Then again, hacking is hard work so you’ve got to keep your strength up. Where’d you go to learn fuzzilon rewaring and reframulator bypass? A handyman “school”? 😂 *

    * Attempt at bad humour. School of fish. Get it?


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