The Information Economy

Swordfish: “Well, here’s my invoice. Payment is due at the time hacking services are rendered.”
Charlee: “What hacking services rendered? You didn’t do anything.”
Swordfish: “Sure I did. I made a house call.”
Charlee: “I didn’t call you, you just showed up.”

Swordfish: “Yep, and you’d be surprised how many hackers fail to show up when you don’t call them. Now then, I accept payment in bitcoin, fishcoin, ethereum, steakumm, tetramin, theramin, vitamin …”
Charlee: “I think you’re making up words again.”
Swordfish: “Well, I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with all the various cryptocurrencies, since you’re just a civilian and not a top-notch hacker.”
Chaplin: “What about SmurfCoin, do you accept that?”
Swordfish: “Pfft, no, SmurfCoin is a worthless pretend cryptocurrency. Everyone knows that.”
Chaplin: “It’s not pretend. In fact we know who created it. We could introduce you to him if you’d like.”
Charlee: “Now, Chaplin, I’m sure Swordfish has better things to do than to learn a secret identity that no one else knows.”

Swordfish: “Well now you have to tell me!”
Charlee: “What’s it worth to you?”

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