Let’s Make A Deal

Chaplin: “Tell you what, we’ll take you to meet the creator of the SmurfCoin in exchange for these cans of tuna in your tackle box.”
Swordfish: “It’s not a tackle box, it’s a—”
Charlee: “Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a hacker’s toolkit, I know. Do we have a deal or what?”

Swordfish: “Why do you want my cans of tuna? What good are they to you?”
Chaplin: “Oh we love and honor all tuna. We’re going to put them on display for everyone to see and admire.”
Swordfish: “Really? So you’re not going to just open them and eat the contents?”
Charlee: “How would we possibly do that? We don’t have thumbs, so we can’t operate can openers.”
Swordfish: “All right, you have a deal.”

Swordfish: “Tee-hee! All the other hackers will be so impressed that I unmasked the secretive genius behind SmurfCoin using my top-notch social engineering skills!”
Chaplin: “Not as impressed as we are! You really got the better of us in this negotiation!”

Soon …

Producer Smurf: “Who’s this? Some kind of smurf cosplayer? The skin tone is pretty smurfy, but that hat is the wrong color and he’s wearing a shirt but no pants and that isn’t smurfy at all. Epic fail.”
Chaplin: “No, this is Swordfish, a top-notch hacker who would like to talk to you about SmurfCoin. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go put these cans of tuna in a place of honor.”

Swordfish: “So when you created the SmurfChain for your SmurfCoin, how did you decide between using a hash and using bacon?”
Producer Smurf: “I have no idea what any of that means. I smurfed Brainy Smurf to smurf it and it never smurfed properly.”
Spicoli: “Psst, hey, fish dude. Where did you get those awesome shades?”
Chaplin (off-screen): “Hey, Blue, we have a job for you!”

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