The Buttered Fly Effect

Lulu: “Wow, it sure is exceptionally roomy in here!”

Lulu: “Aaack, what’s that noise? Is it the base firing artillery again?”
Mouse: “It’s not the base, it’s just the engines on the Doghouse of Justice. They haven’t been used in a while.”

Lulu: “Oh, okay. Wait, why does a doghouse need engines?”
Mouse: “How is it supposed to travel in space and time if it doesn’t have engines?”
Lulu: “I’m going to go out on a limb and say a doghouse isn’t supposed to travel in space and time at all. Except, you know, forward, and along with the rest of the Earth.”
Mouse: “If that’s what you think, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to what goes on around here.”
Producer Smurf: “I finally smurfed that stupid fish to leave by smurfing him Brainy Smurf’s address. What’s smurfing on back here?”
Spicoli: “Looks like they’re taking the Doghouse of Justice out for a spin. So now we’ll have to keep an eye out in case anything weird happens to the fabric of reality.”
Producer Smurf: “If something weird smurfed to the fabric of reality, how would we even smurf it? Wouldn’t it just smurf smurfy to us?”
Spicoli: “The mouse dude explained it to me one time that if we were in the area where the space/time continuum got disrupted, we would be unaffected by the changes and would know something was wrong.”
Producer Smurf: “Hmm, do you smurf that’s true?”

Spicoli: “Probably. The mouse dude is usually right about stuff like that. Oh, hey, look, there’s one of those giant walking cans of tuna stomping around downtown again.”
Producer Smurf: “Ugh, those things are such a smurfing nuisance.”

8 thoughts on “The Buttered Fly Effect

  1. Um…well, Lulu you might just be in the midst of yet another scary flight of fancy!


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