Past Mistakes

Mouse: “Well, here we are in the Cretaceous. Does anyone see any cans of tuna?”
Charlee: “Yes, they’re right in front of me. And they’re still not open.”
Mouse: “Does anyone see any cans of tuna that we didn’t bring with us?
Charlee: “No.”
Blue: “This is a tropical zone. The cans of tuna were temperate.”
Mouse: “They were not!”

Blue: “There could be all kinds of cans wandering around. We haven’t looked at the entire planet you know.”
Chaplin: “I don’t see any roaming cans of tuna either but I do see some weird-looking birds.”
Charlee: “I see them too. Mouse, can we go chase the birds?”
Mouse: “No.”
Charlee: “Aww, why not?”
Mouse: “Well, first, if you actually caught one, you might change history because of the Butterfly Effect. And second, they’re the size of a boxcar and would gobble you up in one bite.”
Charlee: “A car made out of a box? Where can I get one of those?”
Chaplin: “Pffft, who ever heard of a bird the size of a boxcar?”

Blue: “In fact, I think I see a herd of cans just over that next hill.”

Blue: “Hey, where did everyone go?”
Mouse: “I guess they’ve seen enough of the Cretaceous. Come on, let’s head back.”

Charlee: “Wait! I forgot the cans of tuna when we all ran into the Doghouse of Justice! Can we go back and get them?”
Everyone else except Mouse and Blue: “NO!!!”
Dinosaur: “What strange little creatures. I bet they all go extinct.”

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