The Great Tuna Hunt: Part 2

Charlee: “We’re in position. When the giant tuna can comes by, we just have to lift up the cable.”
Blue: “All right, just let me know when you’re ready for me to write the new ‘supermarket’ sign.”
Chaplin: “Three … two … one …”
Spicoli: “Where are you dudes going?”
Mouse: “Just heading into the backyard. We can’t bear to watch any more of this fiasco.”

Charlee: “Why aren’t you lifting the cable?”
Chaplin: “I’m trying! Why aren’t you lifting it?”
Charlee: “I’m trying too!”

Spicoli: “So what went wrong this time, dudes?”
Charlee: “This cable is really, really heavy.”
Chaplin: “We’ll have to think of another way to trip the giant can of tuna.”
Blue: “Okay, but if they keep getting stomped on, we’re going to run out of signs.”
Vermin: “HISSS! If you can’t even lift the cable, how did you get it here in the first place?”
Producer Smurf: “Can you please try to smurf me some worthwhile action? So far this is the last smufy post-apocalyptic movie ever.”

9 thoughts on “The Great Tuna Hunt: Part 2

  1. Recruit some non-stomping tuna beasts to lift the cable for you! Yup, as if!


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