The Great Tuna Hunt: Part 4

Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty cats, leaving litter in the street!”
Charlee: “It’s not litter, it’s our latest plan to make the giant can of tuna fall down.”
Chaplin: “When it stomps on the sign, it’ll step on the skateboard, the skateboard will roll away, the can of tuna will fall down, Blue will pop it open, and we’ll all eat like kings!”
Spicoli: “Won’t it just squash the skateboard flat, dudes?”
Charlee: “Maybe. But that’s why we piled Legos and a banana peel on the skateboard.”
Chaplin: “Okay, Blue, hit it!”

Tuna Kaiju: “Aaaugh! Legos!”

Charlee: “Now, Blue!”
Blue: “On it!”
Vermin: “HISSS! I cannot believe that plan worked.”

But then …

Lulu: “Okay, we went back to the Cretaceous and retrieved your cans of tuna, so there’s no more kaiju tuna roaming around.”
Mouse: “By my calculations, after Blue opens the cans, everyone who wants some can get a couple of tablespoons of tuna.”

Lulu: “I thought they would be happy to finally get a few bites of tuna.”
Mr. Nibbles: “There’s just no pleasing some animals I guess.”

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