Well They Laughed At The Man When He Discovered Penicillin

Lulu: “I’m thinking of starting a new business. Do you cats want in on the ground floor?”
Charlee: “A new business? Is this some kind of get-rich-quick scheme like Dennis used to do?”

Lulu: “No, this will be a legitimate business with an actual product.”
Chaplin: “What sort of product?”
Lulu: “Sugar-free chewing gum for dogs. Here, I brought a sample, check it out.”

Chaplin: “This is a piece of cardboard.”
Lulu: “I know! Can’t miss, right? And it’s pure profit because boxes show up here all the time. Are you in?”

Later …

Spicoli: “So did you get buy-in from the Hipsters?”
Lulu: “No, they said it was the stupidest idea they’d heard about since SmurfCoin.”
Spicoli: “Well, they’re not really your target demographic, dude.”
Producer Smurf: “You just wait! Someday you’ll all be sorry you didn’t smurf SmurfCoin when you smurfed the smurf!”

12 thoughts on “Well They Laughed At The Man When He Discovered Penicillin

  1. We thing that’s a brilliant idea, Lulu. Maybe we can be your distributors on the eastern side of the country. We sure have a huge supply of boxes we could use since our mom seems to think she needs to keep 10 of every size box we get…just in case she needs the right size to ship something.


  2. Lulu, we think chewing cardboard gum is really tasty, but for some reason the peeps don’t agree. Maybe you could figure a way to make it fruit-flavored. Then they might like it too.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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