Focus Group Follies

Lulu: “I’d like to thank you all for volunteering for my focus group … Sorry, you on the front right, how old are you?”
Dog #6: “I’m thirty-seven!”

Lulu: “Thirty-seven what?”
Dog #6: “Years!”
Lulu: “You’re thirty-seven years old?”
Dog #6: “Did I say years? I meant those other things.”
Lulu: “Weeks?”
Dog #6: “No, not those either …”

Lulu: “Well, I think you might be too young to sign the waiver for testing my new product.”
Dog #6: “But the dog in the sunglasses didn’t say anything about a minimum age! All he asked was if I was a righteous dude!”
Dog #1: “Is there going to be coffee at this focus group? I could really use some coffee.”
Dog #2: “Wait, what’s this about a waiver? I didn’t sign any waivers.”

Lulu: “The waiver is just a formality, and there’s not going to be any coffee. It would interfere with getting the full flavor of my new product.”
Dog #2: “If the waiver is a formality, why should I sign it? I’m going to call my mum and ask her.”
Dog #3: “Where are the lions? I was told I would be fighting lions.”
Dog #4: “I’m not signing any waivers about fighting lions!”
Dog #1: “Can’t we have coffee after we try the product?”
Dog #5: “What is this product you’re talking about? Is it underneath that piece of cardboard?”

Lulu: “The piece of cardboard is the new product. I call it ‘chewing gum for dogs’.”

Everyone except Dog #1: “BRILLIANT!”
Dog #1: “Can I get mine soaked in coffee?”

10 thoughts on “Focus Group Follies

  1. I went to a focus group once, and as I was leaving, I saw them with all the legal pads and pens, and as I was walking by to leave, I heard this exchange “What are we doing with all these pads and pens/Oh just throw them away”. OMG, right? So I asked if I could have them. Those pens and pads lasted me about two years, and I write A LOT. Crazy, right, that they were just going to toss them?


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