Lulu’s Life Tips: Caveat Emptor

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with another life tip! This one is simple: Caveat Emptor. This is Ancient Roman for Buyer Beware.

Mouse: “Most people call it ‘Latin’, not ‘Ancient Roman’.”
Lulu: “I thought Latin was that language where you move the front of the word to the back of the word.”

Here’s a short video to illustrate the concept of Caveat Emptor, in which Dada sells me a gnome stuffie that he swears can produce a squeak, but the gnome is clearly defective:

I’m ashamed to admit that Dada’s crafty salesmanship not only fooled me once, it also fooled me twice.

Mouse: “Is it possible that you just don’t know how to work the squeakers inside a stuffie?”
Charlee: “Dennis was an export on working the squeakers inside stuffies.”
Chaplin: “He was also an expert on working the squeakers out of stuffies.”
Lulu: “Sure, blame the victim.”

So remember, friendlies: Fool me once, shame on Dada. Fool me twice, also shame on Dada. Fool me three times? Won’t get fooled again! This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

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