Yoots These Days

Vinny Gambini: “So you’re saying you’ve got two yoots squatting in some boxes that you own?”
Lulu: “Yes, that’s right. Well, assuming ‘yoot’ is another word for ‘cat’.”
Spicoli: “ZzzzZZzzz …”

Vinny Gambini: “The yoots are cats? Ooh, that’s problematic. Possession of a box by a cat is—”
Lulu: “Ten-tenths of the law, yes, I know. That factoid already scared off our corporate laywer, Mr. Scrooge.”
Spicoli: “ZzzzZZzzz …”

Mona Lisa Vito: “You all seem to be forgetting that there’s a way for dogs to claim ownership over things that would trump what the cats are doing.”
Lulu: “You mean by scuffing my feet on things? That won’t really work, the boxes are all piled up, not flat.”
Mona Lisa Vito: “I had something else in mind. But you’ll probably need to wake up your boy dog friend to do it.”
Spicoli: “ZzzzZZzzz …”

Spicoli: “ZzzzZZzzz … *SNORT*”

Lulu: “These are extreme measures you’re suggesting.”
Mona Lisa Vito: “Do you want your boxes back or not?”
Spicoli: “ZzzzZZzzz …”

Shortly thereafter …

Vinny Gambini: “Well, as usual, Miss Vito has come through for us.”
Spicoli: “Dude, I just had the weirdest dream that Aunt May showed up with a pink camera and dispensed legal advice.”
Lulu: “Spicoli, I may have a job for you …”

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