Extreme Measures

Lulu: “Listen, guys, I’m giving you one last chance to surrender my boxes peacefully.”
Chaplin: “Sorry, we’ve turned them into our fort.”
Charlee: “We’re prepared to defend them to the very last.”

Chaplin: “I’m higher up than you. I’m winning.”
Charlee: “I’m better hidden than you. I’m winning.”
Lulu: “All right, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Spicoli, you’re on.”
Spicoli: “Dude, seriously, can’t you just get more boxes somewhere else?”
Lulu: “The cats will just move into those, too. You heard Miss Vito and Vinny. There’s no other way.”

Spicoli: “If anyone asks, dude, I’m telling them the opossum did this.”
Charlee & Chaplin: “AAAAIIIIEEEEE!”

Later …

Chaplin: “I can’t believe you resorted to that, Lulu.”
Charlee: “Now nobody gets the boxes except the trash collector.”
Lulu: “I guess I failed to consider that I still wanted to use the boxes after reclaiming them from you guys.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty dog and cats! Who’s been spreading lies about my potty habits?!”

11 thoughts on “Extreme Measures

  1. Dalton has tried that ruining of the boxes tricks here, too…silly pup! We didn’t even have any kitties here when he did that! Sheesh!

    Now all boxes live in fear around here…and the trash can can’t begin to hold them all…

    Looks like your plans backfired, Lulu!


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