Lulu’s Life Tips: A Thing on the Floor is Worth a Squeaky in Dada’s Hand

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip! In this case, I think the title sums it up pretty well, but I know that these sorts of things do require informational videos to properly convey the concept. Do I have such a video? Of course I do!

What did I find on the floor that was so interesting, you ask? Who knows? But it tasted good, and that’s the important thing. Besides, the squeakies in those stuffies are usually defective anyway.

Lulu: “This is similar to the expression ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.'”
Chaplin: “Birds? Where?”

So remember, friendlies: If you find something tasty on the floor, eat it! Otherwise somebody else might find it and pick it up. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

8 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: A Thing on the Floor is Worth a Squeaky in Dada’s Hand

  1. Lulu yore so wise!!! Efurry nite mee scourss THE carpet fore snax….BellaSita sitss on Loveseat to eat as our place iss small. Anywho, shee iss a K-L-U-T=Z (don’t woof that to her OKay?) Iss our seecret….shee dropss crummss msot nites…crackurr an cheeze; chick-hen;sumtimess a bit of tuna or honey wayfurr…iss a smorgasbored down there! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  2. We think Dada likes that toy more than you do:) We don’t really get the whole toss the toy away and then expect us to go get it. Why do they throw it if they want it back?

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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