Lulu’s Life Tips: Sometimes You Just Can’t Decide What You Want To Do (And That’s Okay)

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with another life tip! This is a simple one: Sometimes you just can’t decide what you want to do, and that’s okay. This especially happens when you have too many choices, like when Mama falls asleep ten minutes into something they’re watching together and so Dada has to stop it but then he has to figure out which zombie movie or superhero movie or science fiction movie or horror movie or action movie or maybe an episode of “Battlebots” to watch but he has to make sure it’s not one Mama might actually want to see and so he ends up watching nothing. Or something along those lines. For me, it’s more like when there are so many interesting things to smell or dig up out in the yard that I can’t settle on just one. Check it out!

When faced with too many choices, it’s natural to bounce around a little before settling on one. Or maybe you just keep bouncing around between them. After all, who’s going to judge you?

Chaplin: “Spaz.”

Well, all right, maybe your cat will judge you. But not me! Until next time, friendlies, this is Lulu, rolling over and out!

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