On The® Ninth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me A Potted Cactus For Delivery

Lulu: “All right, so say we get you a potted cactus. What then?”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Then you deliver the® cactus to our attorney’s office. Here is his card.”
Lulu: “I know where Scrooge’s office is. I was there not long ago looking into suing the® cats to get my boxes back from them.”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Ooooohhh! An even more hopeless task than challenging the® Knights who say ‘Ni’!”
Ninja Hedgehogs: “AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!”

Lulu: “All right, well, I guess we have to find that crazy basketball player a potted cactus or else he’ll come back and say … uh … that word again.”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “This is all your fault for leading him to our secret Underground Lair®!”
Lulu: “It’s not that secret, you can smell those mealworm vats a mile away, not to mention that stinky hair care product you use to make your quills all spiky and shiny.”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “We don’t use product! Our quills are naturally spiky and shiny!”
Lulu: “Riiiiiiight.”

Lulu: “Anyway the® only reason we’re here is to collect that elf and bring him back to … Hey, wait, where did Spearmint go?”
Blue: “I think he escaped during all the® confusion and the® screaming.”
Lulu: “Well phooey. We’ll have to track him down again. So that means we don’t have any reason to be here anymore, except now we have that knight to deal with. Do you ninja hedgehogs know where we can get a potted cactus?”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Why should we help you?”

Lulu: “Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!”
Ninja Hedgehogs: “AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!”

Soon …

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Okay, Normans, we’re ready to raid for giant mealworms! Do you all have your earplugs in?”
Ninja Hedgehogs: “WHAT?”
Potted Ninja Hedgehog: “This is never going to work. They’ll know I’m not really a potted cactus.”
Lulu: “Well, sure they will if you keep talking. Just be quiet and look spiny, okay?”

7 thoughts on “On The® Ninth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me A Potted Cactus For Delivery

  1. Lulu, if you just wait a little bit, Amazon will deliver more boxes to you. And we’re not sure why you’re still trying to get that Knight who says Ni a potted cactus. Does he know where you live? Finally, do you really not know what happened to that last elf? BOL! Wake up, Lulu! You’re dreaming! BOL, BOL! XOX Lucy, Xena and Chia


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