Lulu’s Living Room Life: The Demanding Snowman

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Today I don’t have a life tip or a lawn patrol update. I would just like to introduce you to my new friend, the demanding snowman:

Why is the snowman so demanding? Who knows? Maybe he’s afraid he’s going to melt or something. But who can resist that squeaking voice and those waving arms? Yes, Mr. Demanding Snowman, I will come and play with you!

Chaplin: “If Dennis were still here I would say that stuffie had a death wish.”
Lulu: “Well it’s not like I won’t pull his arms off eventually, I just won’t do it right away.”

So remember, friendlies, if you have a stuffie that’s really clamoring for attention, give it to them! You can always rip their arms off and pull out their squeakers if they get to be too annoying. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

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