On The Tenth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me A Visit To A Corrupt Attorney

Lulu: “Mr. Scrooge, here’s that potted plant that we owe the® Knights who say ‘Ni’ for using their trademarked word ‘the®’.”
Scrooge: “You can’t just barge in here. I’m meeting with other clients. Bah, humbug.”

Lulu: “Other clients? Are they invisible?”
Scrooge: “They’re not invisible, they just insist on sitting on the highest piece of furniture they can find.”
Charlee: “We’re up here, Lulu.”
Chaplin: “Hey, what is that thing? Is it a pineapple?”

Chaplin: “It doesn’t really look like a pineapple, but I still feel like I need to chew on it.”
Blue: “Knock yourself out. I chew on things all the® time.”
Charlee: “Woo-hoo! Chaplin went to a lower elevation! I win!”
Lulu: “I can’t help but notice that you didn’t include the® ‘®’ when you said ‘the®’.”
Scrooge: “Those Knights don’t really have a trademark on ‘the’. I just told them they did so they would go away and stop saying ‘Ni’.”

Lulu: “But isn’t that fraud? Aren’t you afraid you might get caught and go to jail?”
Scrooge: “Go to jail? Me? Ha ha ha! Jail is for people who aren’t constantly surrounded by a cloud of flying money.”
Chaplin: NOM NOM NOM
Ninja Hedgehog Potted Cactus: “Hey, that tickles!”
Charlee: “Hey, wait … Chaplin is eating something and I’m not!”

Charlee: “What is this? It hardly seems worth eating. Can I have some?”
Chaplin: “No, it’s mine, all mine!”
Ninja Hedgehog Potted Cactus: “I agreed to pretend to be a cactus, not to get nibbled on by cats.”
Blue: “I’m told it’s a great honor to be nibbled on by cats.”
Ninja Hedgehog Potted Cactus: “Told by who?”
Blue: “Cats.”
Lulu: “Okay, aren’t you afraid the Knights will find out and come say ‘Ni’ to you again?”
Scrooge: “As long as I give them a potted cactus once in a while, they’ll never figure it out. Bah, humbug.”

Just then …

Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “I have come to collect our tribute of potted cactus!”
Chaplin: “You can’t have it, I’m not done chewing on it yet.”
Charlee: “Oooh, he’s got a herring!”

7 thoughts on “On The Tenth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me A Visit To A Corrupt Attorney

  1. Lucy: Oh! It’s a cliff hanger!
    Chia: I don’t see any cliffs.
    Xena: that herring looks good. Bet the cats trade it for the potted not-cactus.
    Riley: I think Blue’s gonna eat the potted not-cactus.
    Chia: Why do they do this? Why don’t they just give us the whole story instead of making us wait?!
    Lucy: You wouldn’t understand…you’re not a reporter like me.
    Chia, Xena, Riley (turning to Lucy): Phthhhh!


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