On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me A Cat Engaged In Some Thievery

Ninja Hedgehog Potted Cactus: “Put me down!”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “It’s a nice cactus. The spines aren’t too poky and it talks. I shall put it on a sunny shelf.”
Chaplin: “Unhand my pineapple, you … Wait, what was that about a sunny shelf?”
Charlee: “I can totally jump high enough to get that herring.”

Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “It’s a shelf and it’s sunny, what else is there to say?”
Chaplin: “Plenty! For instance, is there room on this shelf for a cat to lounge?”
Blue: “I would also like to know more about this shelf. Has it got elves on it?”
Lulu: “Don’t you think you’ve eaten enough elves already?”
Blue: “There might be flavors I haven’t tried yet.”
Ninja Hedgehog Potted Cactus: “I don’t want to sit on a sunny shelf! I want to sit in a dank cave!”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Nonsense! Cacti love full sun! Dank caves are for mold and fungus!”
Charlee: “3 … 2 … 1 … Wiggle butt to prime the jumping engine …”

Charlee: “Yoink!”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Nooo! Release the® herring®! It is the® source of all my power!”

Charlee: “Sorry! The fish is in my mouth, that means it’s legally mine! Just ask Scrooge!”
Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Aaaaiiiieeeee!”

Mini Knight Who Says ‘Ni’: “Somebody get this giant cactus off of me!”
Chaplin: “Does this mean no sunny shelf for me?”
Scrooge: “The cat is quite right. Possession of a fish by a cat is ten tenths of the law. Somebody owes me $500 for that.”

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