Lulu’s Life Tips: The Most Exciting Part of the Day

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip, about the most exciting part of the day! Now actually there are generally speaking two most exciting parts of the day: Breakfast and Dinner.

Charlee: “What about lunch? We cats get lunch. Don’t you get lunch?”
Chaplin: “It must be sad not to get lunch.”
Lulu: “Shut up.”

Okay so maybe some animals around here get Lunch, but I bet those animals don’t get treats very often, do they? Now anyway Breakfast and Dinner go pretty much the same way, except that at Breakfast the humans are usually in robes and pajamas, and nobody wants to see that. So here’s a look at Dinner instead!

Now it’s a little bit of false advertising because every mealtime Dada announces “Roly-poly fish heads!” but there are never actually any roly-poly fish heads to be had, unless you count the fact that some of us get fish-based foods. What I’ve heard is that the idea is to associate “roly-poly fish heads” with meal time so that if one of the cats ever gets out of the house, Mama or Dada could call out “Roly-poly fish heads!” and they would come running back inside.

So as you can see, whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or lunch (if you’re a cat) there’s not a lot more exciting around here than roly-poly fish head time. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

12 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: The Most Exciting Part of the Day

  1. That was very informative, Lulu. We also noticed all the gates throughout the house. We only have 2: one in front of the bedroom door and one in the groom room, going into the garage. We get the one to keep the other dogs outa the garage, but why block off the bedroom door? That keeps us from scratching on it to say we want in! Maybe you could do a life tip on that. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


  2. Wow! That is serious excitement over dinner. I am not at all food driven, so we don’t really get that in our house. In fact, #1 is happy when I come over and eat all of my bowl without her having to send me an invitation card!



  3. I guess because I am a doggie, roly-poly-fish-heads sounds less than tempting to me. If it works for the cats, who am I to judge? I do get to eat lunch AND a bedtime snack, since I am on a special diet and not allowed to get hungry. It’s awesome but amounts to the same amount of food distributed through the whole day, a little at a time. I’m OK with that…

    Love and licks,


  4. WoW! You guys get excited about meals! Cinnamon does, but us cats are kind of “meh” (unless it is rotisserie chicken or ham) . BUT we ALL get excited at treat time – Kozmo has to take thyroid medication and we all get some nice cheese, or cold cuts, or some other tasty tidbits in the morning and before walkies.


  5. We don’t get lunch either…shheesh! We have to watch the peeps eat theirs, and we get nada. But after dinner we get yummy treats…and more as a bedtime snack.
    Petcretary doesn’t tell us that bedtime ones are actually medicines in treat form…aw, shucks!


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