Gaseous Play

Mouse: “What are you two looking at?”
Chaplin: “We’re just reading a story about gaseous emissions.”

Mouse: “It’s good to see you Hipsters taking an interest in environmental issues. What are they talking about, climate change?”
Charlee: “No.”
Mouse: “Air pollution?”
Chaplin: “No.”
Mouse: “Volcanoes?”
Charlee: “No.”
Mouse: “Chemicals?”
Chaplin: “No.”
Mouse: “Well what is it about, then?”
Charlee: “Have a look for yourself.”

Mouse: “Please tell me this is a joke.”
Chaplin: “This isn’t a joke, this is a business opportunity.”
Mouse: “How do you figure?”

Just then …

Lulu: “Hey, Mr. Nibbles said you cats wanted to talk to me about something?”

11 thoughts on “Gaseous Play

  1. Hahah I saw this news story & couldn’t stop laughing!

    I can see next week’s headlines already :

    “Lulu gets rich selling farts in jars & accidentally finds a new form of surgical anaesthesia” 😆


  2. I have never been more thankful to not be “in the know”. I didn’t click on the link, but I assumed it was part of the funny post. Forgive me for not listening to you, Mouse, when you said it wasn’t a joke. (I still can’t believe it’s an actual thing? I can’t even process it. *laugh*)


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