Toot Sweet

Lulu: “So you Hipsters are asking me to toot into jars for you?”
Chaplin: “Correct.”

Lulu: “And you think people will then buy these jars becaus people like dogs.”
Chaplin: “Also correct.”

Lulu: “Sorry, but I’m much too polite and ladylike to toot at all, let alone to toot into jars so you can sell them.”

Mouse: “Well I can’t say I’m sorry to see this particular get-rich-quick scheme get shot down before it starts.”
Charlee: “Oh we have a backup plan.”
Mouse: “What kind of backup plan?”

Just then …

Spicoli: “Hey, the smurf said you Hipster dudes wanted to talk to me about a business opportunity?”
Producer Smurf: “And since you smurfed me to smurf him for you, I’m officially his agent and smurf 30% of whatever it is!”
Mouse: “I’m not sure you really want 30% of what they’re—”
Producer Smurf: “Sorry, it’s non-negotiable!”

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