Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Brand New Toot Refiner In The Morning

Spicoli: “You Hipster dudes seem to have remodeled the secret kitty lab a little bit.”
Producer Smurf: “Yeah, what are all these tubes and vials and glass bottles for? It doesn’t look very smurfy if you ask me.”

Charlee: “Oh it’s very simple. Spicoli will toot into the intake vacuum, which will channel the toot through a series of refinement and concentration processes before depositing it in a glass bottle for sale to the public.”
Chaplin: “Less your 30%, of course. We rigged up a diversion valve for that. You can either go stand in front of it to receive your share directly into your face, or we can bottle it for you. Or maybe inflate a nice balloon.”

Spicoli: “All right, dudes, sounds easy enough. Let’s get started.”
Producer Smurf: “Wait, what? I don’t want to smurf 30% of that!”
Mouse: “Sorry, it’s non-negotiable.”

8 thoughts on “Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Brand New Toot Refiner In The Morning

  1. Way to go, Chaplin, Charlee and Mouse! How brilliant to give 30% of your gassy product rather than 30% of whatever you get for it! Maybe you could help us negotiate for more treats!? XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

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