Lulu’s Life Tips: How To Get Pet

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip. This time I’m here to show you how to get pet. The short answer: Show up. The longer answer: Show up and smile and wag your tail. Check it out!

On a side note, this is also a good way to get Dada to talk in a funny voice, which may or may not be a plus, depending on what you think of such things. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

10 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: How To Get Pet

  1. Thanks, Lulu, I need to try it your way. I have already found the things that DON’T work: when Mom and Dad are laying down, jumping on the bumps between Mom’s arm or jumping on the lump between Dad’s legs; growly voicing them or the other dogs; stepping on the laptop to get onto Mom’s lap, and so on. XOXOXOX Chia


  2. I, Benji, shove my schnooter under her arm or hand…though I have no idea why she gets annoyed when she is having her coffee…BOL!
    I, Dalton try to climb in her lap!

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