Jar Jar Stinks

Spicoli: “Can I come out of the vacuum hood now, dude?”
Chaplin: “I think it’d be better for everyone if you stayed in there a little while longer.”
Mouse: “So what’s next in your quest to sell toots in a jar?”
Charlee: “Well since Lulu refuses to participate and Spicoli’s toots are questionable at best, and we don’t have any other dogs handy, I guess we’re out of luck.”
Producer Smurf: “Look at all the smurfy colors!”

Spicoli: “In that case, maybe I’ll just have some more beans …”
Chaplin: “Are you trying to stay locked in there forever?”
Mouse: “That’s good. Just imagine the stench if a train carrying these jars derailed.”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s too bad that friend Tucker is no longer with us. He was a constant and reliable source of toots, and they were so potent you probably wouldn’t even need to concentrate them.”
Charlee: (idea!)
Producer Smurf: “Whoo! Check it out! I’m smurfy tall now! I’m taller than you, and I’m taller than you, and …”

Charlee: “Come on, Chaplin! I’ve got an idea!”
Chaplin: “Where are we going?”
Charlee: “To the Doghouse of Justice! And then to the past!”
Producer Smurf: “Whooooops!”

Mouse: “You realize of course that you may have just unleashed bottled Tucker toots on an unsuspecting planet.”
Mr. Nibbles: “My bad.”
Producer Smurf: “Spicoli! When did you smurf so big? You’re like a giant!”
Spicoli: “You really need to pace yourself, dude.”

9 thoughts on “Jar Jar Stinks

  1. Hmm, we always thought the doghouse of justice was somewhere bad dogs went to be punished…and time travel? We wait with meaty breath to see how this develops XOX Lucy, Xena, and now Chia and Riley are following this adventure, too.


  2. Who would have thought the cutest dogs like Tucker (and my old dog Robbie) could be the most reliable source of toots! A bet thousands of bottled toots could power the electricity grid for a country for a month. You’re onto a winner here guys.


  3. Once MJF got into the cat food and gobbled up a whole lot of it, before he was busted…the stench that followed was phenomenal! Would have been fun to bottle and concentrate that potent aroma!!


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