Overheard Around 2009 Or So

Tucker: “Who are you two? How did you get hold of the Doghouse of Justice? Do you work for Trouble the Kitty?”
Chaplin: “No no, we’re from the future! You must be Tucker. You look just like Dennis.”

Tucker: “What?! I don’t look anything like Dennis! Dennis has great big jowls! And humongous ears! And giant rabbit feet! And furthermore …”

A few hours later …

Tucker: “… and finally, I have a much much much much better sense of smell than Dennis. And this concludes all the reasons I’m a much better vizsla than Dennis.
Charlee & Chaplin: (snoring)

Charlee & Chaplin: (snoring)

Soon …

Tucker, Charlee, & Chaplin: (snoring)
Trixie: “I don’t even want to know …”

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