Baby You Can Toot My Jar

Tucker: “That was a nice nap, but why are you cats here? And what’s with the empty jars? I prefer jars with food in them.”
Charlee: “Well, in the future, people will buy toots in jars over the Internet. So we came back to the past to collect some.”

Tucker: “Why would anyone buy bottled toots? Have they become scarce in the future? Did someone invent an anti-tooting pill?”
Chaplin: “We have no idea. We’re just trying to take advantage of a market niche.”

Tucker: “Hmm, well, I don’t see what any of this has to do with me.”
Charlee: “We have it on good authority that you are a primary source of toots. So if you could just fill a couple of jars for us, we’ll label them ‘vintage’ and take them back to the future and sell them for a premium.”

Tucker (tooting): “I’m sorry to have to disappoint you but you were misinformed. I never toot. That would be undignified.”
Chaplin: “What are you talking about? You tooted just now!”
Tucker: “Oh that wasn’t me.”
Charlee: “Then who was it?”
Tucker: “Probably Dada.”

10 thoughts on “Baby You Can Toot My Jar

  1. Dogs are always blaming their toots on hoomans, tut tut. Smart though. As is cornering the niche in the market.

    Coming to an antiques TV show near you soon, “woman finds random jar in her attic, nearly dies of noxious air pollution when she cracks it open, then sells the toots for millions to tootieptologist with the Royal University Of Bodily Functions & toot collector, Mr Parp”.

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