Yes I’m Gonna Be A Star

Chaplin: “So you’re not going to help us out by tooting in our jars?”
Tucker: “I’m afraid not. Sorry you came all this way for nothing.”

Charlee: “*SIGH* All right, Chaplin, let’s go back to the future and tell everyone we’re not going to be making $50,000 a week selling bottled dog toots.”
Tucker: “Wait, what? How much a week?”
Chaplin: “According to the Internet, $50,000, or maybe $60,000, depending on how popular you are.”
Tucker: “So you’re saying that this is a get-rich-quick scheme that actually works? Unlike all of Dennis’s get-rich-quick schemes?”

Soon …

Tucker: “Is it working?”
Chaplin: “It seems to just kind of be going around the jars instead of into them.”
Charlee: “We probably need to rig up some kind of vacuum apparatus.”
Donnie: “Did someone say ‘vacuum’? I know all about vacuums!

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