Put a Sausage on the Barbie

Trixie: “So you two cats claim that you live here in the future, and that you grew up with Dennis?”
Chaplin: “Yes, that’s right.”
Trixie: “And you further claim that you traveled back in time in the Doghouse of Justice to collect toots from Tucker because you think you can get rich selling them on the Internet?”
Chaplin: “That’s also right.”
Tucker: “Hmmm …”

Trixie: “Okay, I believe you.”
Chaplin: “You do?”
Trixie: “Yes, because that’s exactly the kind of ridiculous thing that a couple of cats who grew up with Dennis would do.”

Just then …

Dennis: “Hey, what’s going on? Tucker said we were having a barbecue.”
Tucker: “No, I said I’m having a barbecue.”
Charlee & Chaplin: “DENNIS!!!”

Tucker: “‘We’re’ having a barbecue. Pffft, as if.”
Dennis: “Trixie, these cats are vibrating. Are they going to explode?”
Trixie: “It’s called ‘purring’. It means they’re happy to see you.”
Trouble: “What’s going on here? Cats cuddling a big clumsy dog? Do I need to file a whistleblower report with the Kitty Dignity Commission?”

11 thoughts on “Put a Sausage on the Barbie

  1. A poignant moment, the cats seeing Dennis, and because it’s in the past, he doesn’t know who they are. Now when they do arrive, shouldn’t Dennis remember that he met them briefly in the past?


    Youss’ make us laff an **giggell** so much!!!
    An Trixie yore rite about Dennis an tucker….they had sum wild ideass!
    Poor Charlee an Chaplin were innfluenced bye them 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum


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