Say Cheese

Charlee: “We’re sorry we blew up your yard with our get-rich-quick scheme.”
Dennis: “Well, it’s not like I haven’t done that myself a few times.”
Trixie: “I guess it’ll keep the squirrels and gophers away for a while …”
Tucker: “And some of us got some delicious sausages out of the deal. *BURP*”
Trouble: “What a revolting display of interspecies harmony.”

Just then …

Trixie: “Oh, great, here comes the Doctor. What have you done to the space-time continuum this time, Dennis?”
Dennis: “Umm, nothing, as far as I know.”

Dennis: “Hey, you’re not the Doctor.”
Agent J: “No, I’m Agent J from the Men in Black. We were notified of meddling in the space-time continuum so I borrowed the TARDIS to come fix things up. Now, which ones are Charlee and Chaplin?”
Charlee: “We are. I’m Charlee, that’s Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “We like your suit.”
Agent J: “Yes, I know, I make this look good.”

Agent J: “Now, I’m going to need you two cats to get back in your time machine and return to your proper era. Your timeline is not ready for bottled Tucker toots.”
Dennis: “That’s not their time machine. That’s my time machine.”
Tucker: “Shhhh! Are you trying to get in more trouble?”
Charlee: “*SIGH* Fine. All our bottles exploded anyway.”
Chaplin: “Who ratted us out to the Men in Black? Was it the mouse?”
Agent J: “Sorry, that information is confidential. Also, he’s not really a mouse.”
Trixie: “Wait, what? The mouse isn’t a mouse? What is he? Some kind of tiny alien?”
Agent J: “Sorry, that information is also confidential.”

Charlee: “Bye, Dennis! It was great to see you!”
Chaplin: “And it was nice meeting the rest of you!”
Agent J: “Now if I could just have you three dogs and the white cat look at the flashy thing …”
Trouble: “Oooh! Oh boy! What is it? Is it a laser pointer?”
Agent J: “No no, it’s for, um, a group photo. Say ‘Cheese’!”

Tucker: “What was that? Something about getting cheese?”

Later …

Dennis: “Why is there a giant smoking crater in the backyard?”
Trouble: “I don’t know but it’s probably your fault, Dennis.”
Trixie: “It wasn’t Dennis this time. A couple of cats from the future tried to bottle Tucker’s toots and caused a massive explosion.”
Dennis: “Pfft, Trixie, don’t be silly. I’m sure the rest of us would remember something like that.”
Trixie: “Maybe you would, if you were smart enough to close your eyes when some guy dressed like an undertaker tells you to ‘look at the flashy thing’.”
Tucker: “You know what? I should have a barbecue!”

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