Lulu’s Life Tips: How To Play American Football

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with a tutorial video for all my international friends, as well as my non-sportsball-loving American friends, which will completely demonstrate all the ins and outs of how to play American football. I have put this video together with the help of my trusty assistant, Dada!

Charlee: “I’m not sure there’s anyone less qualified than Dada to assist on a tutorial about football.”
Lulu: “He doesn’t contribute any actual knowledge. He just throws the ball.”

Now, you may have heard that you play football on the football field with a football, and while that’s mostly true, you can also play football in the living room with a stuffie. The rules and gameplay are 100% the same from start to finish. But don’t take my word for it—watch the video and I will show you!

As you can see, friendlies, the game of American football as played in the living room is exactly the same as the game of American football as played on the gridiron—another American football term. I am on fire with the football terms today!

Charlee: “Where did you learn all those football terms?”
Lulu: “Oh I looked them up on Wikipedia. I’m pretty sure that’s how the refs do it.”
Chaplin: “Speaking of refs, I object to being labeled a ‘do-nothing ref’ in your video.”
Lulu: “But you were doing nothing.”
Chaplin: “I object to the ‘ref’part, not the ‘do-nothing’ part.”

Now of course the human football players have to wear helmets and shouldermapads and cups and whatnot, but I don’t have to do that, because as a dog I am much tougher than any human. Also nobody is trying to knock me down or tackle me, because they know they could never catch me. You don’t need a helmet or shouldermapads or a cup if nobody can catch you.

Charlee: “You know who else doesn’t need a cup? Chaplin! Because he hasn’t got any—”
Chaplin: “That’ll be quite enough of that, thanks.”

I sure hope this tutorial about American football has been helpful, friendlies! If you watched the whole thing, you know now as much about American football as Dada and I do, which surely must be everything there is to know. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

10 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: How To Play American Football

  1. Lulu! You and Cinnamon could beat all the humans! Cinnamon LOVES to play ball in the living room too! Soooo, did your team win the Super Bowl? Happpy Valentine’s Day (in case we don’t get around tomorrow) We have not been posting the last couple of weeks, Mom has been super busy working on the committee trying to keep the Elementary School in our community. We are hoping that we get back to regular posting and commenting soon. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Peeps


  2. FURABULUSS VIDEO!!!!!!! ‘Lulu yore Footbal speek was grate!! An techniklee DaDa head pattin you cuud bee called Innterfeerence….butt as it was a frendlee game wee let that slide rite???
    THE game on Tee V was sorta MEH…..wee liked THE 1/2 time show bettur!!
    An Chaplin you were heeleareeus too!
    Happy ❤ Heartss ❤ Day Charlee an Chaplin an Lulu an Mistur Jamess an Miss KellyJo
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum


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