Back Toot The Future

Lulu: “Hey, look, the cats are coming back. I wonder if they have any bottled Tucker toots.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Let’s hope not. I’d hate to be responsible for that.”

Mouse: “So how was your trip to the past? I notice you don’t have any jars full of noxious gases.”
Charlee: “The trip was great. We saw Dennis and got to meet Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble.”
Chaplin: “But then the Men in Black showed up and made us leave. Did you rat us out to them?”

Mouse: “No, I didn’t rat you out. I’m a mouse. Anyway the Men in Black have their own ways of gathering information.”
Chaplin: “Are you a mouse? Because the Man in Black also said something about how you’re not really a mouse.”
Charlee: “Trixie speculated you might be some kind of tiny alien, but the Man in Black wouldn’t say.”
Mouse: “Those Men in Black. Such kidders. They’re always reading too much Douglas Adams.”
Lulu: “If the mouse isn’t really a mouse, does that mean you’re not really a guinea pig?”
Mr. Nibbles: “I have a hundred bags of timothy grass stashed away. I’m definitely a guinea pig.”

Mouse: “Anyway, now that you’re back, let’s take a group photo. Everybody line up and look at the flashy thing.”
Charlee: “Oooooh, what is it? Is it a laser pointer?”

Meanwhile, at MIB HQ …

Agent Zed: “Thanks for tipping us off about the potential timeline disruption, former Agent S. Here’s the reward you requested. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer cash? Or your old job back?”
Spicoli: “Nah, dude, just the Doritos. All those beans really plugged me up.”

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