Party Planning Problems

Lulu: “Now, the first thing we need to do is get the Hipsters out of the way so we can decorate.”
Producer Smurf: “That doesn’t smurf so hard. Just smurf for them to smurf asleep and then smurf the decorations.”

Lulu: “Well I thought of that but when they hear paper crinkling and stuff, they’ll wake up and try to play with it.”
Producer Smurf: “No problem! Just smurf one drop of this magic potion in their food and they’ll be out like a couple of lights!”

Lulu: “I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of slipping the Hipsters a mickey.”
Producer Smurf: “A mickey?! This is a completely smurfy Papa Smurf potion! Perfectly safe! That mouse has nothing to do with it.”

Lulu: “Okay, even assuming it really is a Papa Smurf potion, the Hipsters will never fall for it. They’re extremely sensitive to food adulterants.”
Producer Smuf: “Pffft! It’s 100% odorless, tasteless, and textureless! It’s practically air! They’ll never smurf it’s in their food!”
Spicoli: “Dude, I have to ask: Why would Papa Smurf brew a completely undetectable knockout potion, and if he did, why on earth would he give it to you?”
Producer Smurf: “None of your smurfswax.”

Lulu: “Well, I guess we can try it …”
Producer Smurf: “Great! Just smurf this medical waiver and smurf me your copay and then I will smurf them the potion.”
Lulu: “What’s a copay?”

Later …

Producer Smurf: “Hey, you two haven’t smurfed your canned food.”
Charlee: “We think it’s adulterated.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, it smells like it has extra air in it or something.”

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