Party Planning Plan B

Lulu: “So, Producer Smurf, do you have a status report?”
Producer Smurf: “They finally smurfed the food, but they somehow smurfed all around the potion and left it in a puddle in the bottom of their bowls!”

Producer Smurf: “I don’t smurf how they did it! That potion is completely undetectable! It’s like they have some kind of magical powers!”
Spicoli: “Yeah, dude, they do. It’s called ‘being a cat’.”
Lulu: “All right, so the smurf’s plan was a total failure …”
Vermin: “HISSS! Shocker! Ha ha ha ha ha!”
Lulu: “… and we’re running out of time; their birthday is on Wednesday. Does anyone have any other ideas?”
Mr. Nibbles: “I’ve got one.”

Soon …

Mr. Nibbles: “Hey, did you guys hear about the truck carrying moths that just got hit by a train carrying butterflies?”
Charlee: “What?!”
Chaplin: “Where???”

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