Wing Stop

Lulu: “Say, I couldn’t help but notice that the house is full of moths and butterflies.”
Charlee: “Yeah, isn’t it great?”
Chaplin: “No matter how many you jump at and catch, there are still more!”

Lulu: “Yes but they get into everything, including my food.”
Charlee: “Extra protein!”
Chaplin: “And their wings are high in fiber!”
Lulu: “Now you’re just making things up. Anyway the orange ones are bitter and give me a stomach ache.”
Chaplin: “They’re an acquired taste. Like pineapple leaves and green beans.”
Charlee: “What kind of weirdo eats pineapple leaves and green beans?”

Lulu: “Look, it’s all well and good that the moths and butterflies amuse you, but have you considered that they’re likely to attract predators?”
Charlee: “Predators?”
Chaplin: “You mean like birds? A house full of birds would be awesome!”
Lulu: “I was more concerned about the vacuum cleaner …”

Meanwhile …

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey, what a bonza selection of moths and butterflies for the barbie!”

14 thoughts on “Wing Stop

  1. We had a lot of moths at one stage, but we’ve never had any butterflies! What we’re enjoying now is watching the lizards come out of hibernation. They like to sit on our window sills when it’s sunny.

    Tama and Benny


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