Huntsman’s Barbecue

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey, look at you all squeezed round the table! Super eager to tuck into some barbecued butterflies and moths eh?”
Blue: “I think they’re all worried that you’re going to bite them.”

Huntsman Spider: “Whaaaat? Crikey! I’m not interested in biting them! They’re all perfectly safe from me!”
Blue: “See? You’re all perfectly safe!”
Huntsman Spider: “Well I mean except maybe for the mouse and the wee football fan what painted himself blue. I might have a nibble on them under the right circumstances.”
Blue: “See? You’re all perfectly safe except maybe for the mouse and Producer Smurf!”

Producer Smurf: “AAAAIIIIEEEE!”

Producer Smurf: “Oh so that’s how it is! Which one of you smurfed me over here?! Not smurfing funny!”
Huntsman Spider: “So tell me, mate, what flavor would you be? Blueberry?”
Vermin: “HISSSS! He probably tastes bitter! Ha ha ha ha!”

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