Arachnids in the Kitchen

Lulu: “Listen, I appreciate that you’re probably not going to eat most of us, but I do have to ask you to take your hibachi outside.”
Huntsman Spider: “But why, mate? I’m cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is where cooking is done, right? That’s how we do it Down Under, anyway.”
Lulu: “Yes that’s true, but not when you’re cooking with charcoal and making all kinds of smoke.”

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey! Who doesn’t love to fill the house with the smell of burning insects?”
Spicoli: “Everybody, dude. Everybody doesn’t love that.”
Lulu: “It’s not even the smell that concerns me so much as the smoke detectors.”
Huntsman Spider: “Smoke detectors! What do you need those for? You can see the smoke right in front of you!”

Just then …

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey! What’s that racket?!”
Lulu: “It’s the smoke detectors! Everyone out of the house before your heads explode!”

Soon …

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey, you’ve got grasshoppers out here! Help me catch them and put them on the barbie!”
Spicoli: “Dude, you know that smoke detectors can’t really make your head explode, right?”
Lulu: “Uh-huh. And I suppose you also think the vacuum cleaner isn’t chasing us around and trying to inhale us.”

15 thoughts on “Arachnids in the Kitchen

  1. Nooooooo, I hate spiders!!! I’ve never known why they exist in the world but now I know, they’re cooking up a storm in the fancy 5* Restaurants where I can’t afford to go.


  2. Guud Greef!!! Huntsman Spydur sure iss arowdy fellow…An so smokey!!
    Lulu mee not sure ’bout vacuumss eether!!! An mee HATESS screechin smokey deetecturss an our horrid Fire Alarm two!
    Bee safe deer frendss!!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum


  3. Beau and Pebble agree with Lulu…. Of course the vacuum is a demonic sucking monster. But, they are smarter and much better looking! Just like Lulu!
    The proof? They are still walkin’ and talkin’. Aren’t they?
    Go on…. Add another insect on the barby!


  4. we lost the “follow” for you once again. What’s going on? Maybe you should do a series of posts about that!? That cricket thing is crazy. Hopefully we’ll get to see how this plays out! We’re not mad at you, just at whatever is making us lose our “follow.” (We love you guys) XOX XOX Xena. Lucy, Chia, and Riley


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