Overheard Around the Backyard

Huntsman Spider: “Well I think it’s time for me to go walkabout! Thanks for the use of your yard! Shame none of you besides the big bird wanted any barbecued insects, but more for me, as they say!”
Lulu: “All right, bye then! Wait, did you just say you were going for a walk? I also like walks!”
Producer Smurf: “Just let the giant spider leave, don’t smurf it questions!”

Huntsman Spider: “Not exactly, mate. I said I was going walkabout, not for a walk.”
Lulu: “What’s the difference? They both have ‘walk’ in them.”
Huntsman Spider: “Well they both involve walking, sure, but walkabout is a lot more open-ended than a walk. A walk is out and back. Walkabout goes wherever it takes you.”
Lulu: “Oooh, that sounds super interesting! I want to try going walkabout too!”
Producer Smurf: “Seriously, Lulu! No good can smurf of this!”

Huntsman Spider: “Well you can come along if you’d like, mate, and I’ll show you how walkabout works. I’m quite good at it because I’ve got eight legs.”
Lulu: “Okay! Oh, but wait, I’ve got to have a leash on when I go for walks …”

Soon …

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey, mate, I thought we were going walkabout, not sniffabout!”
Passerby Dog: “Now I’ve seen everything …”

6 thoughts on “Overheard Around the Backyard

  1. You know it’s gotta be a world-class bad idea when Producer Smurf says not to do it! Well, Lulu, maybe you really have made a new friend. *cough, cough* XOXOX Lucy, Xena and Chia


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